I am Not a Web Designer

I built this site. I also “designed” it. Those would be air quotes if I was talking to you. Design is absolutely agonizing to me. Though I hope to be better at it one day it’s not my focus now and I don’t design for clients. And really, you don’t want me to. Really. Seriously. Totally not joking. At all.

So what’s the difference between a web designer and a web developer? The short version is that a web designer designs how the web site should look and how all the pages and sections interact. The developer ( that’s me! ) takes those designs and turns them into a website. We tell people it’s code but it’s really just magic. No big deal.

There are many people out there that design and build web sites. That’s like a super power. Seriously. But a lot of us just do one or the other.

What does this mean?

It means if you need a website AND a design for a website I’d still love to work with you, but we’d need to get a designer involved. If you have someone in mind, excellent, if not I can draw from the pool of people and agencies I know and work with.